Saturday, April 1, 2023
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apple iphone privacy leak

Apple iOS 13.3.1 | Important New iPhone Privacy Control Confirmed

Apple iOS 13.3.1 is about to launch with a new location privacy feature this time, iPhone 11 issue that allowed location tracking even when a user had turned it off. Discovered as...
Nintendo Confirms Over 160,000 Accounts Hacked

Nintendo Confirms Over 160,000 Accounts Hacked

One of the biggest Gaming Franchise, Nintendo affirms that more than 160,000 accounts had been hacked after gamers claim unauthorized purchases from their accounts. The issue seems, by all accounts, to be...
Multimillion-dollar Pakistani company 200 GB customers data

Multimillion-dollar Pakistani company 200 GB customers data leaked

A well know parcel delivery company based in Pakistan has suffered a significant data breach which affected its extensive user database. The Safety Detectives cybersecurity department, led by Anurag Sen, discovered the elastic...
Aptitode Android distributed app store

20 Million User IDs Hacked From Android App Store and Published, Hackers Claimed

The stolen IDs of 20 million clients of a well known Android application store have been distributed online by a programmer who admits to have 19 million more. Not all application stores...
whatsapp virus

Wormable Android malware spreads via WhatsApp messages

“Download This application and Win Mobile Phone”, reads the message attempting to trick users into downloading a fake Huawei app Android users should watch out for new wormable malware that spreads through...